RR Irau 2.7L


ORGA 2023 new running belt with a zipper pocket at your back. Built from ORGA® PolySpandex which is the blending of polyamide and spandex material to enhance flexibility, breathability and durability. A clean, simple and effective design for short-distance runners to carry their running essentials. The oval shape pocket is easily accessible on the go. It has four drop-in pockets all around your waist. The soft feel binding will prevent you from chafing. While elastic and strong fabric characteristics won’t let it bounce; no matter the load.


Running Belt Sizing

Waist Circumference in centimetres.
S – 65~80cm
M – 81~99cm
L – 100~120cm

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RR Irau 2.7L Running Belt


1 front medium pocket fit for up to 500ml softflask.
2 side small pockets for gel or power foods.
1 back
medium zipper pocket for phones and wallet.

Included at side left pocket

Orga® PolySpandex.

12 x 34cm (M)


59g (M)

*Soft Flask sold separately
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RRIrau running belt phones size

RR Irau 2.7L 1


Additional information


S, M, L


No SoftFlask, With 2xSoftflask 250ml, With 2 x Softflask 500ml

Cleaning & Cares

The best way to care for your running belt is to clean and dry it after every use. Consider cleaning it frequently if you often use it in wet conditions or off-terrain routes.


  1. Fill a sink or bucket with cool water.
  2. Add one strip of ORGA Backpack Shampoo or any mild soap.
  3. We specifically recommend hand washing, but you can use a front load washer on delicate.
  4. Rinse it thoroughly.
  5. Repeat if necessary.
  6. Hang it flat to dry.


1. Do not dry clean.
2. Do not iron.
3. Avoid using fabric softener.
4. Never use the tumble dryer.
5. Don’t dry in direct sunlight.

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