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DCF (Cuben Fiber)

The strongest fibre in the world that is 15 times stronger than high-quality steel, ultra-lightweight, extremely durable, waterproof and resistant to UV and chemicals.
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It has 5 layers of fabric that includes an x-ply layer for superior rip resistance and structural stability. Offers the ability to maintain waterproofness up to 200psi pressure.
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Dyneema Gridstop

This material is tougher; tear proof and is abrasion resistant. Made from nylon with white Dyneema threads aligned in grids to protect from cuts and tear.
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Cordura is known for its heavy duty toughness, highly abrasion resistance and very durable. Intense heat? Frigid cold? Jagged rocks? Cordura can take them all.
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Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), Tyvek provides superior protection from extreme environmental conditions. It is lightweight, sturdy, durable and long lasting.
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Bonded Nylon Thread

Manufactured from nylon 6.6, this bonded nylon has extreme tensile strength. It is chemically stable and rot-proofed. It has greater heat tolerance than regular nylon threads.
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Rasant Thread

Industrial grade thread that is in perfect fusion of polyester core and cotton covering. It offers outstanding construction, not only in any sewn part, but also at the seams as well.
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Itw Nexus

ITW has been providing innovative products to the military since 1853 in the USA. It offers durable and undisputed quality buckles available on the planet.
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